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This season is the most important out of the 4 seasons according to the Pulse of the Body.The winter season represents our kidney qi (Original Essence to Qi), bladder, urinary, sexual organs, ears and bones. This season usually means we have lots of water whether it is running or in the form of dew, ice or snow.

The air is much colder and therefore the surrounding energy is yin, like the kidneys. It is important not to drink too much water in the winter months, we will want to keep visiting the loo if we do! With these colder temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere, again, it is very important to dress with layers for the outdoors, protecting your kidney area. Ensure that you don’t get our feet wet in winter! Specific Qigong exercises are best to sustain Qi. At this time vegetation above the surface is usually dead and the Qi is being stored in the roots. This is the same as the human body the pulse chi for winter is stored in the bladder and the body, roots, our feet.

The kidneys are the fountain of youth, they are the organs to health, vital to life and graceful longevity. Nurtured by living wisely, they in turn may continue to supply us with health and strength long into our old age. 
Winter also represents the sexual organs. The most serious way a male can abuse his Qi; is by too much sexual activity! This drains Qi reservoirs and lowers the level of Qi in the whole body. When we’re young, our essence is strong, fresh and vigorous and there is an abundant supply of Qi. It can still leak however, if ones energy is too yang at this time.

As we get older, going against the seasons Qi will challenge our bodies to prepare for the next season. If we choose not to follow the yin energy in winter (hibernation) then its possible to get sick Our preparation to produce the wood in spring will be unsuccessful and the follow through for other seasons will also b affected.
 It is recommended that you sleep early and rise later. 
Reduce sexual activities just for this season; eat more dark coloured foods, spicy food, red meats, red wine and rich foods.

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